Powerful, Simple, Practical, and Surprisingly Insightful . . . 

  • Find answers to some of your biggest questions about life


  • Discover how God designed you to live and thrive even in a broken world

  • Experience His peace no matter what’s going on around you

For the sceptic in all of us

I love the powerful yet simplistic approach Carolyn takes to helping us understand our God-given design. She did an excellent job of compiling research and giving us a very in-depth overview of why we human beings exist and that we are no accident. Carolyn helps us understand that the Creator of all that we see and can’t see loves us and uses us for purposes beyond what we could ever think or imagine. I highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for the meaning of life and who may be skeptical that there is a God. I also recommend it to those who have been burned by the church or think Christians are hypocrites. Her book may cause you to reconsider and explore things you otherwise might dismiss.

Kent J.

Encouraging. Practical. Transformative.

Here’s a great read for those finding themselves overwhelmed with the super fast pace of life & expectations we and others place on ourselves! You’ll be encouraged, supported & challenged in practical ways. Enjoy!

Pat S.

An Amazing Resource for Achieving an Abundant Life

With broad strokes author Carolyn Twaddle paints a vivid picture of the kind of life God intends for each of us. Touching on an array of well-researched topics, the author lays out side by side the cultural stresses that impact our lives as compared to God’s original design. Each topic is supported with evidence based in physiology, psychology and biblical truth. As disparate as these things appear, the author gives us a strategy for connecting us to our full potential. Her encouraging voice coupled with her “Call to Action” segment at the end of each chapter puts useful tools right into our hands for success. Living in Sync with Your God-Given Design is filled with knowledge, wisdom, practical application and faith. An inspiring read for those seeking a life well lived just as it was originally designed.

Lynnea W.

Allow the wisdom in this book to change your life!!

This is an excellent book!! If you have been living a life where sadness and chaos seem to be more prevalent than happiness and peace then this is a book for you. There is a lot of research that has gone into the writing, especially in the first few chapters. If you are not a research kind of person don’t let this sway you from purchasing… the first few chapters are the base (identifying God’s design for us) for the following chapters. I especially liked the chapter on “What We Think”. I have personally lived this… going from a life filled with negativity to finding the positive in the different chapters of my life. Allow the wisdom in this book to change your life!!

Pam C.

Power in Simplicity

I found Carolyn’s book to be powerful in its simplicity and thoroughly enjoyable as well as thought provoking. Written in a very clear and easy to read style, Carolyn took me on a journey of how God wants us to live in balance and as He intended us to live. Each chapter examines a different facet of living in God’s intended way and concludes with a “Call to Action” section for reflection and accomplishment. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking a clear and straightforward path to wellness and wholeness hand-in-hand with the God of creation.


A Special Book

Living in Sync with Your God-Given Design by Carolyn Twaddle is a very special book. It starts with the beginning of God’s world and takes us forward into our daily lives. Sometimes life is difficult – and this helps us to keep the faith and keep on going. It is great to have this book especially now when the whole world is in so much turmoil and has changed so many of our lives. As I said, this is a very special book.

Berkeley T.

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