are you sacrificinG today FOR …
someday, or
one day? 

Are you a “Type B” who is working around the clock and feel frustrated that you’re working so hard (and sacrificing so much) with so little to show for it?

Or …

Are you a “Type A” who is living such a fast-paced, off-the-chart high stress life that you fear you’re headed straight toward burnout or worse?


Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs are thriving, while others are barely surviving or can’t seem to even get off the ground?

If you’re working around the clock with little to show for it, the urgency to finally get your business going and to take off has never been greater! Right?

So why the struggle? Could it be that maybe you’re a little like me? You’re capable, and maybe even smart, but bigger, faster, and louder isn’t your style either? It’s almost as though we beat to a different drum …  or at least to a different pace.  

Are you highly motivated and driven, and want to be successful? Yet at the same time, you’re maybe not quite as highly-competitive and as into the hustle and grind culture like your “Type A” counterpart is? 

And maybe you also value and celebrate balance, and you long for both a life AND a business, and maybe even in that order … but you just can’t seem to ever get there?  

If this sounds like you, then you might be breathing a sigh of relief right about now, realizing that just maybe you’ve found a place that feels like home, in the big wide entrepreneurial world.

Are you ready to:

  • get your business going and profitable without all the struggle
  • take some of those hats off in your business, and take a lot off your plate
  • simplify and slow down and stop the vicious cycle of stress and overwhelm 
  • jump back into your life again and at the same time enhance your business


“It’s ironic that while our hyper-focused culture is so fixated on how to start, grow, and scale a business; it’s completely neglecting the business’ greatest asset which is the entrepreneur within that business.”

                                                      -Carolyn Thomson Twaddle


Why do I ask? I’ll explain…

You see, not all entrepreneurs are the same!

Some have “Type A” tendencies and are high-powered, highly-competitive, and into the hustle and grind.

While others, have “Type B” tendencies, and are naturally a little more easy-going and relaxed.

If you identify with the “Type B” Entrepreneurial style, where less is more, and where keeping things simple, and focused on the essentials, here’s some great news!

With just the right support, that takes your “Type B” tendencies into consideration, not only will you finally be able to get your business to take off, but you’ll ALSO get your life back at the same time! 

What’s next? Take the quiz and find out which personality type you are. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes. 



success without the stress

Keeping things simple · streamlined · and focused on the most important essentials


As visionaries, innovators, and creatives, it’s hard to turn our minds off at night. Add to that the stress and constant pressure we feel to keep up in our “Type A” world. Go from exhausted and sleep-deprived to enjoying consistent energy throughout the day and sleeping better at night.

Discover how simple and easy it can be to take better care of yourself. Go from struggling to squeeze self-care into your life, to doing it consistently and with ease and as a natural part of your everyday life.


With expert support and accountability that is focused on simplifying and streamlining your life and business · you can have a successful business you love · without sacrificing what else is truly important to you.

Get clarity on:
your unique differentiator that comes easily and naturally for you · your brand · who your most profitable niche is · the steps you’ll take your clients through to get the most out of your services · your programs/packages · and your pricing…


Enjoy the benefits that come with having enough structure to support you and provide a healthy rhythm and flow.

Get more done (of the right things) in less time · make steady forward progress · and also unplug and disconnect with greater ease.

Create more space · margin · breathing room · minus the typical chaos, distractions and overwhelm. Go from spreading yourself too thin to intentionally decreasing the sheer volume of what fills your day/night · while keeping what’s most important.


“I have more energy, better moods, a calmer disposition, and less brain fog with the improved sleep habits I’ve gained!

I really wanted to take control of my years-long habit of staying up too late, working on my business, engaging in social media, and reading news . . . With five kids, I told myself that this was just how I had to get things done—but I wasn’t very efficient, and often, my mind would be spinning once I did get to bed, making sleep more difficult.

Having support and accountability has been a game changer, helping me consistently roll back my bedtime to a reasonable time BEFORE midnight, instead of after! This is a huge win!

I really thought my late-night ways were so ingrained that it would be too hard for me to change, so seeing that this is possible is so gratifying. It’s helping me handle all I do so much better.”

Sarah Bartel

Cana Feast

“I recently worked with Carolyn in her Sleep Challenge program . . .

During the challenge I got great insight from Carolyn’s approach (she is truly an expert!) and the group discussion around her strategies provided clarity and even some new ideas. I’m now prioritizing better, more complete rest, and properly recharging myself so I can be an even more successful—not frazzled—entrepreneur.”

Mary Brennan

Founder, House of Fine Design

“One of the things I really appreciate about working with Carolyn is her integrative approach and her real life answers and solutions starting with sleep. I’ve discovered first-hand the extent to which sleep completely impacts the rest of my world, and since working with Carolyn I’m making sleep more of a priority in my life and it’s paying off in so many ways!

Although sleep is where Carolyn starts and where she keeps coming back to, because of how vital it is for everything else, that is only a part of what all The Entrepreneurial Place is all about!”

Angela Baumbach

Quantum Leap Business Strategies

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